The Society

The society was conceived one evening by Fernhurst cricket club as a way of encouraging those that have had a relationship with village  sport to continue it through golf and hopefully having them help coach the next generation of players. That aim may not have worked quite as hoped however several village golfers do play during the year.

The society first played at Foxbridge in 2013, it was considered a success. Subsequently numbers were a little patchy but maintained by extending an invitation to Old Thorns Seniors. In 2016 several friends and colleagues had joined the founding members, such that it was neither a Fernhurst nor Old Thorns golf society. After some deliberation a name change was decided upon, hence Peripatos Golf Society.


Membership is open to,

All those that live in Fernhurst
Those that play or have played a sport for the village
Old Thorns Seniors
Friends and colleagues of the above

To join, email the organiser.  You will then be added to the distribution list, you will then be a member the society.  As the society days approach you can expect emails inviting you the day, results from those held, etc.


The handicap used for any one day will be your club (if you do not have one, one will be agreed) with ‘society strokes’ applied. Society strokes are applied as follows,

2 or 1 strokes are cut from your handicap if you come 1st or 2nd individually respectively.
1 previously cut stroke is returned to your handicap if the next time you play you do not come 1st or 2nd individually.
Of course coming 1st or 2nd the next time out your handicap is further reduced.
Alterations to club handicaps should be declared at registration for the day.
Adjustments are carried over from one season to another.

Society Days

Six society days are organised between April and September. Every attempt is made to keep the cost between £45 and £50 with little or no catering organised. The quoted cost of a day includes sweep money for the prizes.


Arrive, around 9am, grab a coffee and bacon bap.
18 holes of golf, individual and team competitions.
Afterwards swap stories take a libation, hear the result, collect prizes.
Register changes to handicaps.


It is always nice to have a little competition among friends with some prizes at stake. Assuming there are sufficient numbers there will be , team, individual and nearest the pin prizes. No longest drive but more nearest the pin as it ensures all members have a chance of winning it.

Day Prizes

Depending on numbers the prizes will be something like this . . .

No. of players812162024
No. in a team44444
No, of prize holes12235
Individual (1st, 2nd, 3rd)3 x Bottle3 x Bottle3 x Bottle3 x Bottle3 x Bottle
Prize holes
e.g. Nearest the Pin
1 x Sleeve2 x Sleeve2 x Sleeve3 x Sleeve5 x Sleeve
Team, 1st only4 x Gold pin4 x Gold pin4 x Gold pin &
4 x sleeve
4 x Gold pin &
4 x sleeve
4 x Gold pin &
4 x sleeve
Number of prizes89131416

Gold Peripatos Pins will be awarded each day to members of the winning team.

Annual Prizes

During the season individual Stableford scores will be recorded and used to determine the annual awards.

Order of Merit

The highest individual cumulative Stableford points scored using the best 3 rounds they have played. Note: A minimum of 3 rounds must have been played.


Using the Stableford points scored for each round the average score on the par 3, 4 and 5’s are recorded. The sum of a players best 3 average scores for each of the pars during the season is then used to determine a winner for each of the pars.