Name and logo

Explanation of sorts

Trying to find a unique name which had a level of elegance and mystery about it has proven an interesting exercise. All sorts of ideas have been banded around, there were words assembled from Latin, Greek and and Anglo Saxon before this Greek / Latin confusion was settled on.

Are you someone who likes to think on your feet? If so, you’ve got something in common with the followers of the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle. Not only a thinker and teacher, Aristotle was also a walker, and his students were required to walk along beside him as he lectured while pacing to and fro. Thus it was that the Greek word peripatētikos (from peripatein, meaning “to walk up and down”) came to be associated with Aristotle and his followers. By the way, the covered walk in the Lyceum where Aristotle taught was known as the “peripatos” (which can either refer to the act of walking or a place for walking).

Golfers walk up and down fairways, sometimes backwards and forwards across it looking for the ball. More often than not during a round a player will share an astounding piece of wisdom, for instance, ‘never up, never in’ or ‘its better to take your punishment than trying to trash the ball out from under that tree’.  Hence Peripatos.

Mortuus ovium, broadly ‘dead sheep’ or ‘still ewe’. Heard on greens when someone grossly over or under hit their putt such that it is still their putt. Adopted as our motto, to remind us all to be bold, positive and if it doesn’t quite work have fun!

What is it? It is a sheep on it’s back, mortuus ovium, a dead sheep. You are looking at it from the head end!


Wearing it

It would be nice that members display the logo when playing on a society day. This can be accomplished by either purchasing a badge from the organiser or by having the logo embroidered on new or existing clothing.

Of course wearing it may attract a few questions and perhaps the opportunity to recruit new members, i.e. e-mail addresses for the society circulation list.


The emblem has been prepared by OSL Promotional Clothing, Bordon (01420 472828). If you want to add it to a shirt or jumper just give them a ring. Below are some colour choices you can make.

Dark Grey
Light Grey