West Country Golf – Fancy It?

We (OTS and Peripatos GS) have received an invitation to play a match against Sidmouth GC next year from Rob Bradshaw, an occasional member of Peripatos.

He and Sally have chatted about making is a little more than a trip to play just at Sidmouth. Rob has also said he would arrange for us to play a couple of other clubs in that area if we want him to.

Before it is taken further it would be good to know whether or not you would be interested in taking up the invitation.

The offer is a flexible schedule along the following lines.

Day 1                     Travel down, meeting up in the evening for a meal; optionally play a course on the way down.

Day 2 (15th May)    Play the match against Sidmouth; optionally some may wish to travel on the day arriving to play the match.

Travel home after the match, or ……………..

Day 3                     Play at (or against) another club. Travel home, or ……………

Day 4                     Travel home and play a course on the way back.

With such an itinerary you can mix and match whatever suits you, e.g. travel and play all in one day or play on the way down and back with Sidmouth in the middle.
To get things moving Sally and Rob could do with knowing if; a) you are interested and b) if you are whether you would go for the 1, 2, 3 or 4 day option.

If it looks as though there will be enough interest in something, Sally will formally start the ball rolling with Rob.

So let Sally (sallyheath60@hotmail.co.uk) know.