2020 Days

The courses have been booked and a request for fine weather of the powers that be. Just the prizes to order, but they will be ready for the first of the Peripatos GS days.

A couple of new venues for the society this year, Southwick and Chiddingfold.

Southwick comes highly recommended by both Reg and Bryn. If you want to know more about it and the part Southwick House in the grounds of which the course was built, played in the planning for D-Day go to the website.

Chiddingfold is a small compact course that is well known to several members. I played it a couple of times during the summer, the greens were excellent. For more about it and where to find it visit the website.

Venue Cowdray
Date and 1st T-time Wednesday 29th April, 9:30
Catering Coffee and bacon bap on arrival
Postcode GU29 BB
Cost,inc. sweep stake £40
Venue Southwick
Date and 1st T-time Thursday 4th June, 10:20
Catering None arranged
Postcode PO17 6EL
Cost,inc. sweep stake £33
Venue Littlehampton
Date and 1st T-time Thursday 25th June, 10:00
Catering Breakfast on arrival.
Postcode BN17 5DL
Cost,inc. sweep stake £48
Venue Chiddingfold
Date and 1st T-time Wednesday 15th July, 9:30
Catering Buffet Lunch afterwards, to be confirmed
Postcode GU8 4SL
Cost,inc. sweep stake £33
Venue Puttenham
Date and 1st T-time Thursday 6th August, 9:15
Catering None arranged
Postcode GU3 1AL
Cost,inc. sweep stake £46
Venue Petersfield
Date and 1st T-time 18th September, 9:00
Catering Coffee on arrival. Lunch afterwards.
Postcode GU33 7QY
Cost,inc. sweep stake £45