2020 Littlehampton

Our annual trip to Littlehampton, normally in June with a huge breakfast before the round was cancelled due to uncertainty around the pandemic. However yesterday (27th August), we managed to get down to the coast for the popular outting, Bacon baps beforehand and for some, breakfast afterwards. Thank you Alan.

The rain which held off for most of the day arrived to make the last 2 or 3 holes a little difficult, wet and windy! But given the weather there were some good scores returned. Only 4 were below 30, with 3 in the 40’s.

Alan managed to get an eagle on the 14th (SI 1 par 5) for 5 points. That was not enough to fend off Jamie Lister who had a 22 on the back 9.

Charlie arrived on time, he may have been early however without his golf shoes. Alan who has been playing very well of late ( witness 47pts at Alton GC) lent Charlie spare a pair he had with him. As Charlie said afterwards he had always wanted to know how it felt to walk in the shoes of a golfing ‘legend’. Now he has and he managed to beat him!

If you enjoyed Littlehampton put this date and time in your diary for next year, 24th June 2021, tee times 12.30 through 1.30. Probably with, breakfast before or something afterwards.

Littlehampton Result
ONEJohn Brooks, Jack Lowe, Ron Holton, Charlie Crawford101
TWOJohn Sargeant, Graham Heath, Alan Corlett, Dave Talyor90
THREEJohn Slocombe, Terry Deyoung, Sally Heath, Jamie Lister85
FOURMartyn Boyce, Chris Grimes, Tony Causton83
Momentous Occasion
Alan Corlett, Eagle on 14th Par 5 SI 1
5 Stableford points
1stCharlie Crawford44
2ndJamie Lister, on countback41
3rdAlan Corlett41
Cuts of -2 and -1 for Charlie and Jamie.

Alan will enjoy his wine while having no change to his handicap.