2020 Puttenham

The weather was fine, dry and only becoming hot for the last few holes. There were 18 players, some found the greens (I was going to say eventually but really mean) slower than they were used to.
One highlight of the day was a gross 2 (Eagle) on the par 4 3rd, which of course is stroke index 18, the easiest hole on the course. So nothing to write home about really.

Our next planned day is at Petersfield on 18th September, 6 weeks away.

I will look to fit another day in perhaps at Alton (9-hole) or Littlehampton.

At the end of the day, Ben from Puttenham came over and spoke to me about matters at the start of the day. I have just received an email from him saying that today they implemented some of the suggestions that were made with a society and things were much better.

I have provisionally booked Thursday 5th August 2021 at 9:30. Make a note.

Puttenham Result   
ONEMartin Hodgson, Ron Wildman, Chris Burton83
TWOJack Lowe, David Fry, Terry Deyoung81
THREEJanet Gerred, David Gerrard, Sally Heath77
FOURGraham Heath, John Mitchell, Chris Grimes77
FIVEJohn Sargeant, Charlie Crawford, Bruce Gardener75
SIXMartyn Boyce, Jamie Lister, John Slocomber (retired on 2nd)69
#1No competition due to Covid-19
1stRon Wildmand40
2ndMartyn Boyce38
3rdCharlie Crawford on counback from Jack Lowe36
Cuts of -2 and -1 for Ron and Martyn respectively.