2021 Southwick Park

A new venue for most of the 17 who played on 3rd June in bright sunshine.

A couple of players fell by the wayside, Charlie fell off his bike training for the Ironman event he will be competing in later this year. John S on the other hand injured his back moving a washing machine for Martyn B.

Southwick is the new home of Byrn and didn’t he make the most of it with team and individual honours. The course had several holes on either side of a lake which in turn had an angler fishing, sleeping or nattering every 20 yards. I managed to wake a couple with a shout of “fore” as I douoble crossed, shanked and hooked my way round the course.

I will probably get this wrong but I understand the father or father-in-law of the guy in the ProShop was the chauffer to Ken Wood when he had Old Thorns, Its a small world.

Southwick Result   
ONEBryn (43), Reg (38), Tony (27), Alan (39)95
TWODave G (34), Janet (27), Dave T (31)87
THREEJohn S (43), Martin (25), Ron H (29)84
FOURJack (34), Martyn (31), John B (35)83
FIVEAdrian (34), Chris G (28), Chris B (19), Graham (33)82
#1Dave G on 7th
#2Tony C on 15th
1stJohn S43