2021 Littlehampton Result

The day at Littlehampton was run by Chris and Martyn as Graham and Sally were in Dornoch enjoying the links in Scotland.

By all accounts the breakfast was magical, Louisa enjoyed her walk around Littehampton while the golfers tacked the course, including the rough which this year was taller than in the past.

Thirteen players played, a good turn out given 5 regulars were either injured, in training or on holiday.

The result for the day are below, with the individual scores being included in the stats for the season.

Littlehampton Result   
ONEMartyn B, Alan C, Chris G80
TWOJohn S, John B, John W, Dave T78
THREETerry, Ron, Adrian77
FOURDave G, Janet, Jack69
#1Ron on 3
#2Martyn B on 11
1st Ron40
2ndJack Lowe39
3rdJohn S on count back from Martyn B36

For those that are interested below are the current standings for the various END of SEASON awards. The remaining dates are at Puttenham and Cowdray.

Order of Merit

Best average Stableford points over 3 rounds for those that have played more than one round.

1st Best2nd Best3rd Best Avg Pts Score required to improve
John Sargant4436    40.0036
Jack Lowe3934    36.5034
Ron Holton4029    34.5029
Martyn Boyce3731    34.0031
Alan Corlett4025    32.5025
Adrian Hoar3629    32.5029
Chris Grimes3328    30.5028
Dave Taylor3130    30.5030
John Brooks3523    29.0023
Janet Gerrard2820    24.0020

Best on the Pars

Best average score on par 3, 4, and 5s. First 3 columns is the average score on the pars and the last 3 is the current ranking

 3’s4’s5’sPar 3Par 4Par 5
Alan Corlett4.63.372.673510
Bryn Farrier2.62.33.121017
Chris Grimes4.42.874.484
Christopher Burton.61.33.191517
Dave Gerrard1.8.71.67161913
Dave Taylor3.43.074.874
Adrian Hoar2.63.984.671223
Graham Heath1.62.08.171117
Jack Lowe5.3.623.33236
Janet Gerrard3.22.055.9121
John Brooks4.22.853.697
John Sargant4.24.475.611
John Wallen2.81.21.67111613
Martin Hodgson1.41.421.181416
Martyn Boyce4.43.553.447
Reg Mortimer3.1.752.101311
Ron Holton5.43.223.167
Terry Deyoung2..81.33151815
Tony Causton2.21.172.141711