2021 Season Summary

What sort of season did you have? Did you come close to winning an award? Scores are recorded after each round the put through the spreadsheet to com up with the winners. Below are the scores for all those that took part this season.

Before you glance down the tables I would just like to throw out a thank you Chris G for checking the cards and coming up with a result each day and with Martyn B running the Littlehampton day while I was in Scotland. Thank you guys.

Order of Merit, best average over 54 holes

Winner John Sargeant.

1st Best2nd Best3rd BestTotal Pts Avg Pts 
John Sargeant444037121    40.33
Alan Corlett403830108    36.00
Jack Lowe393534108    36.00
Martyn Boyce403731108    36.00
Adrian Hoar393629104    34.67
Reg Mortimer393827104    34.67
Ron Holton403329102    34.00
John Wallen373331101    33.67
Chris Grimes33312892    30.67
John Brooks35312692    30.67
Graham Heath33282889    29.67
Terry Deyoung34332289    29.67
Janet Gerrard29282885    28.33
Dave Gerrard33292183    27.67
John Slocombe333063    31.50
Dave Taylor313061    30.50
Sally Heath292756    28.00
Martin Hodgson252550    25.00
Bryn Farrier4141    41.00
Charlie Crawford4141    41.00
Geoff Creedon4141    41.00
Bill Bunn3838    38.00
Ron Wildman3737    37.00
John Mitchell3333    33.00
Sue Jackson3232    32.00
Gavin Greenfield3131    31.00
Barry Edwards3030    30.00
John Bollans3030    30.00
Norman Jackson3030    30.00
Bruce Gardner2727    27.00
Tony Causton2727    27.00
Andrew Shilling2626    26.00
Nick Cansfield2424    24.00
Christopher Burton1919    19.00

PAR 3, 4 & 5

Winners are,

  • PAR 3 – Alan Corlett
  • Par 4 – John Sargeant
  • Par 5 – Reg Mortimer
Points scored on the various pars, then averaged to determine the best player for the season on each. 3 rounds must have been completed to qualify.
 Rounds # 3sPts on 3sAvg on 3s# 4sPts on 4sAvg on 4s# 5sPts on 5sAvg on 5s
Adrian Hoar417261.5347921.968151.88
Alan Corlett417392.2947851.81891.13
Andrew Shilling1341.3313191.46231.5
Barry Edwards1471.7512191.58242
Bill Bunn1382.6713272.08231.5
Bruce Gardner148212151.25242
Bryn Farrier15132.612282.33100
Charlie Crawford1341.3313312.38263
Chris Grimes314302.1434521.536101.67
Christopher Burton1530.612161.33100
Dave Gerrard312191.5835521.497121.71
Dave Taylor210171.722341.554102.5
Gavin Greenfield1451.2512242221
Geoff Creedon1412312252.08242
Graham Heath312201.6737661.78530.6
Jack Lowe417311.8247962.048141.75
Janet Gerrard418251.3937631.717171
John Bollans1492.2512181.5231.5
John Brooks417362.1247691.478101.25
John Sargant417362.12471062.268151.88
John Slocombe2714225411.64482
John Wallen312272.2535591.697152.14
Martin Hodgson28151.8825311.24341.33
Martyn Boyce417321.8847881.878162
Nick Cansfield136213151.15231.5
Norman Jackson148212191.58231.5
Reg Mortimer312272.2537651.765122.4
Ron Holton314312.2134601.766101.67
Ron Wildman1382.6713251.92242
Sally Heath28101.2520381.9881
Sue Jackson14102.59192.11530.6
Terry Deyoung312262.1735511.467121.71