Cowdray 2021

Between rainy days at the end of September 23 players enjoyed a bright, sunny day at Cowdray with wonderful views across the polo fields and ruins to the downs. A glorious day for golf and round off our season.

Chris G had an unfortunate day, no matter how he used his accounting skills he could not get himself or his team into a winning position. I decided to have just 3 nearest the pins, deciding to leave out the 9th. Yes, you guessed it, I managed to land on the green just 4ft from the pin, Probably the best I have done on that hole.

It was a good day for the new boys, Geoff Creedon and Barry Edwards, recording a top places in the individual and team competitions respectively. John Wallen making a rare appearance was nearest the pin on the 3rd, a hole that always looks closer than it really is. Congratulations to all three and we hope to see them on the course again next season.

A big thank you to Chris G for ensuring the cards were interpreted correctly and announcing the winners.

Here is the result for Cowdray, the seasons awards are just a click way.

1st Alan, Barry, John Bollans, John Sargeant81
2ndGeoff C, John Slocombe, Dave G, John Brookes81
3rdTerry, Adrian, Ron H, John Wallen78
4thMartyn, Bruce, Jack, Norman74
5thChris G, Gavin, Graham, Reg73
6thJanet, Sally, Sue72
#1John Wallen3rd
#2John Slocombe11th
#3Sally Heath17th
1st Geoff Creedon40
2ndJohn Sargeant39
3rdJack Lowe36